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Macrux consultant is a (RPO) recruitment process outsourcing company located in Pune, India. Macrux consultant comprises of young, dedicated and professional pool of researchers and analysts along with the experience in recruitment industry. We believe that the employees are the backbone for any company to run smoothly and more importantly hiring the appropriate talent for your company is a tough job, so just leave that tough job for us and relax. Macrux along with our company partner Tech Leaper who offers Website and Android applications design & development. The founder of Teach Leaper is not only good friends with our company but also we’ve been doing some great work with regards to numerous website development projects as well as software projects.


  • RPO- Human resource is a backbone for any company so we at Macrux can help you finding the right candidates that can precisely matchup with your job requirement, again finding such candidate is real tough business so you can just relax and let us do the tough job for you.
  • Our company provide services like
  • Telephonic sourcing- It’s the simplest method to source the emails and numbers over the call, which gives us almost 99% accurate information about the candidate.
  • Name Generation- Name identification research is simply the most underutilized sourcing tool in corporate recruiting. It is the process of tracking the appropriate candidate names with the proper hierarchy. It can be done for the various teams within the same organisation.
  • Email Campaign- It is the process of sending the email to the groups of people via electronic medium. Email campaign enriches business communication and is user friendly. In today’s time it is more effective than television advertising. It helps in reaching the target markets quickly and easily. It is the most efficient way to stay connected with the clients and promoting the business.
  • Team Mapping- Teams play a vital role in the success of our organisation and they can deliver tremendous results. Team Mapping is a unique process that analyses the dynamics of the team. Mapping a team usually means finding out the precise and absolute hierarchy of the organisation i.e. from the higher management to the lower management.
  • Web Service- We also provide web services which includes website designing and development, android application development and logo designing. With the help of our partner company who is having a vast experience in web design and development, we provide world class design and development.


1. Giridhar Thorat (Co-founder & COO)-
Giridhar is the co-founder and chief operating officer (COO) who has many years of experience in recruitment industry. He is very talented, young entrepreneur who always believes in smart work than that of hard word. He worked as a Sr. Researcher, head-hunter and sourcing specialist. He has excellent knowledge in mapping an entire team from the organisation.
2. Nitish Patil (Consultant & Partner)-
Nitish is the founder of Tech Leaper. He has experience of over 5 years in website building and development. We are partnered with Nitish’s company for development of websites and android applications. He has a very professional and dedicated young team with vast experience in the development projects.



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